An independent licensed trading company established in Hong Kong. A specialist in international trade creating innovative solutions in a favourable business environment.
From our offices in Hong Kong we provide:
Support to trading activities.
Trading activities include buying and selling goods and providing services across a broad range of industries such as Telecoms, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Fashion, Energy and Maritime.
Our Trading capabilities can cover a multitude of functions and objectives and can be organised in a number of different ways depending on the particular requirement of the transaction.
Excellent banking relationships
Flexible trading model
Trading Relationship supported by agreements reflecting the legal and fiscal components of the transactions
Complete transactions including the supply or sale of goods and or services and banking are co-ordinated by Market Management (Asia) Limited.
Multi-disciplined personnel
Telecommunications infrastructure, on-line banking facilities and multi-currency bank accounts in place
Quality and continuity of staff from our dedicated centre in Hong Kong
Longstanding expertise in operational management
On line banking
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